Milltek Sport Car Tuner Grand Prix

The rules are simple and identical to last years' event - multiple laps of the Snetterton Circuit, best lap time wins.

Vehicles are split into separate categories based on vehicle type, engine size and configuration is free within the vehicle type.

All vehicles are fitted with transponders and each lap time is recorded; the fastest lap time on the day wins the class and the overall event.

All vehicles will be out on circuit according to class along with a final 'Wildcard' open session at the end of the day to ascertain who really is the holder of Milltek Sport Car Tuner Grand Prix Overall Winner.

The GP is run as 'qualifying' - normal track day rules on overtaking do not apply - however any car on car contact will result in both teams being excluded from the event and their times deleted.

Laptimes are relayed live to screens in the paddock and a large 4m display in the 'Tuner Village' trade display area. Live commentary (one of last years highlights) gives a running report on how the teams are doing.

All entrants vehicles must display a valid tax disk, be fully UK road legal (ie no slicks) although track specific tyres must be used they must display a valid E mark designating they are legal for UK roads.

Competitors are encouraged to provide passenger laps for potential customers and interested parties once all necessary liability forms have been completed on the day.

Nitrous oxide is not allowed for the Tuner GP event and whilst professional drivers are encouraged ARDS qualification is not compulsory. All competitors are encouraged to where full safety equipment, helmets and long sleeved trousers and shirts are compulsory.

To aid preparation for the event on the Saturday before the event there is a closed session track day at Snetterton where timing is allowed, competitors are encouraged to book for this event in preparation for the main event the following day.


Official Milltek Sport Car Tuner Grand Prix Website