A35 AMG Joins the Fleet
Here at Milltek Sport, we are proud to announce the new addition to our range of fleet vehicles, one of the hottest and bespoke hatches in today’s market, the latest Mercedes A35 AMG.

The newer model was released back in 2018 and made its debut at the Paris Motor Show and it certainly had quite the impression, leaving people amazed by the technology this A35 featured. The car allows you to change its characteristics to match your style, even for aesthetic features such as the dashboard display style and interior ambient lighting.

Although the technology the newer A35 possesses is more impressive to its predecessors, that doesn’t mean that the performance has gone unnoticed. The car has been completely re-designed from the ground up says its design team.

The design of the latest A35 has been developed to enhance the car’s performance in a variety of ways. The new aerodynamics of the vehicle further improving the car’s top speed and handling. The front of the car has been designed to be more compact to improve the car’s stiffness for better cornering. The A35 possesses a 2.0 litre, four-cylinder engine that is equipped with a twin-scroll turbo. Along with a seven-speed DCT twin-clutch box, the car reaches 0-60mph in just 4.7 seconds, boasting just over 300bhp! We are very excited to experience the latest A35 offering from Mercedes-Benz and are proud to add this hot-hatch to the Milltek fleet.

The addition of the new A35 AMG to the Milltek Fleet has allowed our R&D Engineers to develop a range of quality Milltek Sport exhaust systems to the A35. So far, our engineers have developed the following systems:

Cat-Back GPF/OPF Delete System – Cat-Back system which removes the GPF/OPF component to reduce gas-flow restrictions.

GPF/OPF-Back System – Cat-Back system that accommodates the vehicles GPF/OPF pat, creating a GPF/OPF-Back system that is designed compensate for the additional restrictions on gas-flow caused by the GPF/OPF to ensure quality sound aesthetics.

GPF/OPF Bypass Pipe – The purpose of this product is to specifically remove the GPF/OPF from the system to create a freer-flowing OEM exhaust system.

These products have been designed to provide lucky owners of the A35, a variety of performance options to improve both power and sound. Letting owners be able to add the Milltek Performance to their performance hatchbacks.

These are just some of the Milltek Sport exhaust systems that we will be offering for the A35. Our development team are planning on utilising the new Milltek A35 to design and develop more Milltek Sport products for the A35 so make sure to stay tuned to discover more exciting Milltek products for this hot-hatch.

The A35 comes equipped with a Gasoline-Particulate-Filter (GPF). Since vehicles have started to be manufactured with GPFs, this has created new challenges for aftermarket exhaust manufacturers, having to accommodate this part. Thankfully though, our R&D engineers are already well experienced with designing systems that cater for GPF/OPF exhausts.

The addition of the A35 to the Milltek Fleet has been greatly beneficial to the Milltek R&D team. Having another fleet vehicle equipped with a GPF/OPF available will further our knowledge about the component, understanding its properties and be able to provide more accommodating products that reduce the limitations caused by GPF/OPF.

We are planning on exhibiting the new Milltek A35 AMG Fleet Vehicle at many upcoming events we are attending throughout the year, so be sure to keep an eye out on our Facebook Page to learn when and where you can come meet the Milltek A35 in person, discovering what makes it so special.

Milltek Sport A35 AMG exhaust systems are available for PRE-ORDER NOW!

Visit our website’s Dealer Page to locate your nearest Milltek Sport dealer to contact and place your order. Milltek Sport exhaust products for the A35 will be released in June 2019.