The UK’s only race series for the BMW E46 M3 and CSL.

The BMW E46 M3 chassis was designed to be raced, a near perfect 50/50 weight distribution, an industry applauded engine with near perfect reliability, front engine, rear wheel drive, 350bhp - the car was built to race! The CSL Cup is a series developed purely for this model so that owners can race these cars in a competitive, cost effective series designed around maximising enjoyment, track time and competition.

Two classes are available; 'Standard' and 'Modified'. Equalisation measures will be in place to ensure the M3 is on equal footing with the CSL models. The standard class is designed to be a cost effective entry to racing the E46 M3/CSL, items such as suspension, wheels and brakes are control items so each car is identical thus maximising the input of the driver. The modified class allows far greater changes to the models. Again, equalisation between the CSL and the M3 will ensure a level playing field. All the classes will run on a control tyre, which is yet to be decided upon.

Official CSL Cup Website